Our Approach

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Guiding Principles

Why Us?

HoneyTouch Consulting LLC provides a unique, never-seen-before approach to business consulting. Unlike many larger corporations and businesses, we do not turn clients away based on profile, industry, demographic, history, etc. We are an inclusive, progressive, and ethical firm that focus 100% on the needs of the client. We are not limited to any geographical region, industry, bank, or business, which allows us to assist our clients wherever the best opportunity is. We are not under any contracts or binding agreements that restrict our ability to serve our clients, and we are not influenced by any 3rd parties.

What does this mean?
Our ability to help and all decisions made are solely for the best interests of our clients!

Our clients get unmatched service, dedication, and professionalism from onboarding to deal closing. However, becoming a HoneyTouch Consulting client is so much more! We continue to extend our partnership, network, and services to our clients through the life of the business. Doing business with us means that you and your business have a connection for life. Many of our clients not only refer those within their families, networks, and industries, but they also return to connect with other HoneyTouch Consulting clients to expand and grow. There are endless opportunities to work with us and succeed from a strong relationship established. We strongly believe in the power of community. Becoming a member of our community means that you are not only improving yourself, but contributing to the empowerment of others.

Lastly, becoming a client of ours means you enter business with an owner who brings an entirely new perspective to business and life. Not only do we outperform competitors, but we provide the absolute BEST business consulting service nationwide.

HoneyTouch Consulting LLC is also woman-owned business and MBE (minority-owned business). We maintain a strong dedication to the education, outreach, and improvement of clients and communities from various minority demographics.

Spanish-speaking clients are very welcome!


We challenge you to take a chance on yourself and business and contact us today!